Issues controlling Linear WD500Z-1 with GH through ST. Need help!


I just finished installing my Linear WD500Z-1. I’ve integrated it with ST and I’m able to control it though the app without any issues whatsoever. I’ve gone into GH > Home Control > Add Devices > ST > Check for new devices > Logged into my account > Authorized my new Linear WD500Z-1. I tell GH to “Turn on Giulianna’s light”, with Giulianna’s Light being the name of my Linear WD500Z-1. No matter what I command or change the dimmer switch’s name to, GH fails to recognize the command and responds with ‘Sorry, I’m not sure how to help with that’. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Google Home won’t process names with punctuation, including apostrophes. (Alexa and Siri will, GH won’t.)

It may also have a problem with the proper name.

Try renaming it, it should work. :sunglasses:


Perfect! Thanks! It was exactly that. The apostrophe screws it all up.

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