Google home and Lightify bulb compatibility

I have GH, ST hub, and now two Lightify bulbs. I have connected the bulbs with ST, and added them on GH, but GH doesn’t acknowledge the bulbs. Does anyone have some guidance as to getting GH to see my bulbs?

Did you authorize gh to access them? I have 6 and work fine

Yes, and actually just now, I was able to control them by naming the bedroom, so I think it just has problems with the individual named of the bulbs. They are the bulbs for the night stands and I named them after me and my wife. I’m going to try to rename them.

Make sure the name does not have any special characters in it, not even an apostrophe.

The echo handles “Michael’s nightstand” fine, but google home seems to choke on it. :disappointed_relieved:

I got it! Originally, the nickname was Nicole’s lamp, I changed it to Nicoles lamp, and it works. Guess it doesn’t like apostrophes.


Interesting. I am having our team reach out to the Google Home team with this feedback.


@slagle there is a much larger bug regarding devices that share part of the name. Like if I have a device named Den Lights and Den Lamp and both are in separate rooms in Google Home. Then saying “turn on den lights” turns on both of them and not the device I specifically called out. I have the same issue in my Kitchen and other rooms that have devices that share part of the name. I sent feedback through the device but your channel may be better :slight_smile:

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Probably they’re not bothering with escaping things… better than dealing with Bobby Tables… :slight_smile: