Issue with ZigBee sensors not responding

Fact. This was through email communication with support and also mentioned
in another thread. They changed the way the sensors report their status and
it seemed to break things for some people.

Discussing this internally and investigating what might be causing this (and why it’s not universally affecting everyone).


Thanks for the update! I’m glad to see the issue being reported enough on the community forum to get some traction on a further investigation.

For my case, the only sensor that is causing continuous on and off problems is the one that was added to Smartthings in early September. All of the other sensors that were added earlier this year did not exhibit complete meltdown of reporting temperatures only but only suffered delays or sometimes a missed report of motion and open/close status. The missed reports only became a problem after the last Hub update. Before this, they were always accurate and quick in triggering events.

Yea… I have my suspicions, but don’t want to speak too soon. We are working on this and should have more info soon(ish).


Hi @Aaron

Do we have any update on this I’ve had no ST Zigbee sensors for over a week and no visible way of getting them back on line.

My last option at the moment would be a total re-construction of my system but I don’t want to do that if I have no confidence it will work at the moment I don’t even have a sniff of that.

I have a ticket open but I’m hoping for some progress. Even if that means I need a new Hub if my ZB radio got fried.


See my DM (plus a few more chars for good luck)

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I’m getting tired of my doors being stuck open, my motion sensors not reporting and my lights no longer responding. Once they stop it’s days before they come back with a flurry of data. I don’t know what happened a few weeks ago but someone needs to figure this out. I’ve pulled batteries reset hub and they just drop within a few hours.

I’m having similar non-responsiveness from my ST motion sensors after migrating them from my V1 Hub two nights ago. The ST motion sensors exhibit a behavior of stuck in “motion”, not reporting motion, and general disparity when monitoring from the app (Android). I have a few on the 2nd floor (Hub V2 in basement) which show OFFLINE… I have a few ST plugs on the way to serve as repeaters.

Also installed two new Iris Motion Sensors (tear drop shaped, not sure of GEN) to replace the critical failing ST motion sensors. They seem to be holding up… at least the one 5ft away is doing okay.

I’ve had this problem sporadically ever since I moved to V2 hub from V1. They were rock solid on V1, then started this nonsense with V2. I usually have to get a ladder out a few times a week!

Usually you can get them back by simply pulling the battery and putting it back in. It that doesn’t work after repeated effort, then put the hub into Connect New Device mode, then reset the motion sensor (holding button while battery inserted). It should rediscover it, and reconnect it with its device and DTH in your setup. You won’t see any evidence in the mobile app that it has found the device. So you have to watch the LED in the device (red when reset, blue when joining, green when joined). So just back up in the mobile app to stop the discover mode. Then it should work (repeat if not). That works because Zigbee uses a unique device identifier, so it’s easy to link it up to your setup. (This would not work for Z-wave.)

Hi Aaron

Thanks for your help and the help of Matthew I am now back up and running and working well, Although it took a while to get to a solution It was definitely better than a system rebuild. Also well done on your Google home coup. Looking forward to getting that set-up when its available in the UK.


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So what was the issue?

lost all my ST ZB items after a hub update

Battery pull didn’t work
Battery pull while in discover mode didn’t work
Hub reset inc 10 min no power didn’t work
Relocating hub away from other sources of RF signals didn’t work
resetting outlets didn’t work
reset button while replacing batteries on devices didn’t work (originally)

In the end it turned out the fix was straightforward
set system in discover mode
Pull device battery
hold-down reset while replacing batteries
wait for orange led
release reset button
wait for green led
check device has started working
and despite having tried multiple times in the past this routine started working, something may have been rest after a power-cut earlier today but I’ll take this win where I can get it especially as it may have been because I couldn’t find any clear instructions on how to get a ZB device rejoining rather than being a general system issue.
All the devices are now working

I can now focus on building Alexa into my system properly and other interesting projects