Hub V2 - Hot Fix - 09/15/16 (15.8)

That’s easy, I don’t need widgets, my system is 100% automated.

My app doesn’t log me out…

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I am not sure what is going on with this one… I don’t have an appliances immediately on hand (the powers that be wouldn’t hook me up with a free FamilyHub fridge… which might be bigger than my entire kitchen), but will ask around. Can you send these screenshots to support@ so we can get them flagged for the devs

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You are so much better at home automation than I am.

Sure thing.

In notifications it says that at 0555 my mode was changed to morning from sleep. But the smartapp was reflecting sleep mode under the hamburger. Not of the morning mode triggered automations were active.
Under the activity tab it showed that my morning mode triggered automations were sent the on commands, but they did not respond.

I manually changed the mode back to sleep, and then back to morning. Still failed. I did this twice mite with the same results. The mode did finally change to morningng, but the automations were still a failure.

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Update @Aaron

Day Mode failed to fire at 0800. That’s two.

For what it’s worth… This guy is saying support pushed a device update. They are not always 100% accurate, so I have no idea if they actually did.

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@Aaron @slagle

Trouble ticket submitted.

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Ditto here … can’t even remember when it didn’t fire — maybe earlier this year. My Day Mode didn’t fire because the CoRE piston didn’t. Found out that the sunriseHandler wasn’t scheduled so the piston didn’t know when sunrise was. ST really needs to update their scheduling for the sunsetHandler and sunriseHandler in their Weather Station app — it’s still using the old method of scheduling (not saying that their newer method is that much better, LOL).

FWIW, it sounds like support just killed the local device handler and moved the sensor to the cloud.

Maybe I am, but that’s just because I’ve been dealing with ST for two years. Not saying that ST is perfect, but a lot of people attribute issues to ST that they didn’t really create (like wifi interference, weak mesh, etc).

I use the widgets to set certain lighting scenes. It worth doing through pure automation as there is nothing to base it on.

When there is will, there is a way! How do you think I end up with 150 devices? I like automation, I don’t like to touch phones, panels and remotes…

Please elaborate why you need your phone to set your scenes. Those are the easiest to automate…

I don’t want to take focus off the thread so I’ll PM you.

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Let’s not argue about why someone uses one feature instead of another. Choice is good. And different people have different requirements for different reasons.

If the feature is officially supported, it should either work or there should be a notice published on the status page that it is not currently working.

Customers should not have to figure out for themselves which of 17 options is the “right” one.

Widgets are an official feature. It doesn’t matter why one person chooses to use them and another person doesn’t. They should work. If an official feature isn’t working, report it to support.

The absolute best thing about SmartThings is this community, including the staff who post here. :sunglasses: Many people have written that it is helpful, knowledgeable, and welcoming of people at all levels of technical experience and with all different kinds of requirements of their home automation systems. And of course, there’s a great deal of creativity among the coders and makers who participate. So let’s stay supportive of each other, even when we’re frustrated with something else.

Submitted with respect.


I sent in a ticket. But videos no longer play in the smart app. you have to download them.

I agree with both of you guys… I’d prefer to automate, but there are a few things where I have chosen to use the widgets because I can’t easily, reliably, or afford to automate.

Is there an emoji for big thumbs up?


I wholeheartedly agree, that supported features should work as advertised and that customers don’t need to find work arounds to overcome shortcomings. But we are talking about ST here and you know the reality.

And what can be more supportive of each other than one person suggesting a workaround that may alleviate someone’s angst against the current state of things. I know I was very appreciative to suggestions I received when I was dealing with broken ST features…


My modes are changed by ST routines. That is their only function, change the mode at a certain time. Rock solid for many months.

My CoRE routines are triggered by the mode actually changing. No mode change, no routine.

Ice nite designed a piston that will know if the mode has not changed, send me a text, and attempt to initiate a manual mode change every 15 minutes until it is correct.

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Did you get notification that your mode changed but it didn’t? I’ve had pistons that didn’t fire this morning, but I thought something pooped with the piston. They are triggered by mode changes…my home was acting like the mode was changed, but didn’t actually check. I’ll keep an eye on it…

I received the push message that the mode has changed, but none of the actions had occurred. I checked the app and it still said sleep mode, it should have been in morning mode. It also showed that the piston had fired, but none of its actions were completed. It took the attempts to actually change the mode and the piston never works right.

The second mode failure, nothing happened. It just completely missed the scheduling.

I’ve seen this happen to me once before, about six months ago I think.

If anyone is interested, this piston will alert you to a mode change failure and attempt to imitate the mode.
It’s tough right now and I’m refining it, but here you go.