Issue with local devices not working / responding

UPDATED - was something wrong with my hub, rebooting it fixed it
Anyone else having a problem? I can access the app and the IDE but can’t control any devices, zigbee or zwave

I am not seeing any issues. Status page shows no issues yet.

hmm - it is very strange that devices on both networks have stopped responding.

I had a blip earlier today. I got a notification through that my hub was down. Course I was at the office so I couldn’t do much.

All the cloud devices are working but local devices are not. I will reboot the hub and see if that helps

Based on the title I thought this was a joke thread for a minute - you know, noting that we had a day without an outage :rofl:.

But no worries, we had a mobile app release instead that broke a few things …

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If you notice that your local automations stop working but your cloud ones still function again would you mind reaching out to me directly with your username before you restart the hub (logs are reset upon reboot)? If its too inconvenient… not a huge deal but I would like to pull down your hub logs in case there is anything that explains what happened so we can try and prevent it from happening again. I haven’t heard of something like this happening, at least since 18.x when we rewrote the local execution engine so would be really interested in figuring out what happened.


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@vlad you know when this happened and I was futzing around trying to get it working again - I pushed a log, thinking it might download it to my machine, so you may actually have a log from my machine in that state from yesterday - if you are intersted I can send you my username privately

Did you get the issue resolved? I have the same problem

@ybrodskiy I did get the issue resolved - but @vlad wanted to see that issue live. So you should probably send him your user id in a private message or try to push the logs to them and let him know. The way I got it resolve was to disconnect the hub in the utilities page for the hub in IDE - alternatively you can unplug the hub and plug it back again. I wasnt able to reboot it from the IDE

@vlad i cant seems to resolve this. What would you need from me to debug?