Issue with Inovelli Switches

Hello - New SmartThings user here having just migrated from Wink.

I have 4 Inovelli switches linked to my hub. The two dimmers are working fine but the two non-dimmer switched keep turning themselves off after 2 minutes and 50 seconds, exactly.

I’ve owned these switches for a while and have never had a problem with them. Load has not changed, just a switch from the Wink to the ST hub. The switches were uninstalled from the the Wink hub which is no longer on-line or even plugged in.

Both switches are model LZW30.

Any suggestions?

if you go to and look at the events for the device, does it provide any more info?


Your best shot if Eric will be able to give some hint, but either you set up by mistake an Automation for them, or actually a Quick Control. Or you did turn on some feature what might causing it on the Z-wave side.

To look at the history, as advised above, would give you a hint is it an Automation/Quick Control or just a simple off command. If not that, then Eric should be the person who can help identify the issue.

Hey @snowman1 – one thing that may be happening is that the wrong handler was picked up and the, “Auto-Off Timer” parameter was inadvertently changed.

We can try a couple of things here:

  1. Remove the device from ST
  2. Hold the config button down for 20 seconds (until the LED bar flashes Red)
  3. Install the LZW30 Device Handler
  4. Pair/Include your switch again

Can you give those a shot and see if it works?

Thanks @Eric_Inovelli for the suggestions.

These are original LZW30 switches I believe that don’t have a config button or LED bar (more an LED pinpoint light). To pair the device I need to press the on button 6 times in 3 seconds, or something like that.

Anyways, I’ve tried the remove and add multiple times. Each time it automatically selects the Z-Wave Switch Secure as the DH which I then change to the LZW30 DH. I’ve tried all sorts of DH’s and they all act the same. Switch turns off after 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Is there a way to factory reset these older switches?

I believe you have the NZW31 then. So the wrong handler might be the issue.

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Thanks @prjct92eh2 that seems to have done the trick.

Oddly enough the dimmers from the same vintage are ok with the newer DH and work fine. Also, the NZW31 DH also reports dimmer level even for non-dimmer switches which is fine. Looks like the same DH for both dimming and non-dimming switches for the GEN 1 devices.

Thanks Jimmy :slight_smile: - you da man!