Inovelli switches turning on by themselves

Apologize if someone had posted this before but I am facing an issue and I am at the end of my wits to figure it out. I had recently switched to a smart switch (inovelli LZW30) on one of my 3 way circuits. Before switching I had smart bulbs (smartthings smart bulbs) attached to the socket and the switch was acting normal. Once I switched to Standard LED’s, the switch started turning on by itself. Regardless how many times I try to turn it off, light would come on regardless of the time of the day. I cleared all automation from my network and since it didn’t fix the issue, I reset the whole hub. Nothing worked. Thought it was a faulty switch so I changed it to another LZW30 and later to a LZW30-SN switch but none of that solved the issue. I put a smart bulb back in there and it is working fine now. There is no automation attached to it and internal relay is not disabled in either situations. Looking for some help.

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What is your total load? Paired with an aux or dumb switch?

I asked about the load because a low load (which you typically get with LEDs can cause weird effects on a smart switch. This usually pertains to dimmers and lights blinking/buzzing but I wouldn’t discount it as a possible cause. A quick way to test for this would be to swap out for incandescent lamps that draw more amperage.

You can also review/post over in the Inovelli forums. You’ll see a number of posts there with varying issues with Inovelli switches, to include random shutoffs. There are a couple threads on that switch turning off by itself, but not on by itself.

Some issues (not specifically yours) with Inovelli switches have been solved by pairing with an aux switch instead of a dumb switch. Not sure what you have on the other end.

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Thanks for your help. Total load with standard LED bulb’s were 18 watts. With Smart Bulb, load is only at 9W and the switch is working fine. Its paired with a dumb switch. I have similar setups (total 18 and 22 Watt Standard LED’s) at 2 different locations and they are working fine there. I swapped the switches between the locations and still the issue is only happening at 1 location, which tells me that the switch itself is not faulty. I’ve also got the neutral wire attached. I can try with an aux switch but the other end of the 3-way box doesn’t have neutral. Will that be a problem?

No, you only need a neutral at the primary (where you have the Inovelli) location. But I’d try the incandescent light first, even if just out of curiosity. I’m not sure why a smart bulb that pulls less than the LED would correct the problem, but swapping out for an incandescent is quicker. If that works, then you should be able to install a bypass an put the LED back.

I suppose it’s possible that the specific LED bulb could be causing a problem. You could also try another brand/model LED.

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