Issue with Honeywell T9 sensors

Not sure were to put this so starting in general.

Okay, let me try and explain this. Ever since the new app update the SmartThings app started pulling in my T9 extra room sensors into it thinking they were regular thermostats. Not a big deal as it’s nice to see them now so I can monitor rooms and such in SmartThings and setup automatons. The issue is that when I run an automation, say to set the temperatures higher when I’m away the sensors are removed from active priority inside the Honeywell app. Inside the Honeywell app you can set which devices are active to monitor for an aggregate temp for the house/area. When I run an automation, any automation against the T9 base thermostat the sensors are all removed from priority. Curious to see if anyone else is seeing this. I’ve tried removing the automation and creating it new from scratch but with the same result.