Honeywell wi-if 9000 all showing idle

Have had these stats for a while and all of a sudden they all show idle, I can’t adjust the temp from the new app. A couple weeks ago this worked fine. Anyone know of any changes either Honeywell or SmartThings that would cause this?


I’m also having issues with my Honeywell 9580 thermostats. Have been running great for several years in the old app. Now in the new app over the past month they keep all becoming offline and I have to delete and re add them. Temp changes via SmartThings only work occasionally. And my scenes to set the temp to a different level claim to run but the Honeywell thermostats are unchanged
Any ideas??

Okay, I deleted all thermostats and added them back in. Now I see the temp controls but they don’t work. I hit a plus or minus next to the temp and it just spins and then gives the error:

. A manual temp change shows up in the app so it’s working to a point. I reset the Smartthings hub and that didn’t work either. So I’m convinced it’s either Smartthings or Honeywell. Any ideas?

Honeywell’s servers have been having issues almost weekly for a few months now.