Issue with changing color on hue bulbs

I tried doing a search of the forums but couldnt turn anything up. If I missed it, I apologize.

I have one of my lights turn on at 50% and go red if my motion detector senses motion in night mode. My issue is this, the next time I turn on that light, its still red. Is there a way to reset the light color automatically? I was hoping it could be done in the good morning routine but it only lets you turn on and set dim level, no color choice.

This is a default behavior of hue bulbs. Unless there is a power disruption they’ll return to their last state. To avoid this you’ll need to setup a smartapp that changes the color upon a certain event.

You can use the good morning routine but it will need to trigger a mode, virtual switch or smartapp to get your desired result.

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I use superstate to create lighting scenes. Works well.

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Thanks for the responses. I was afraid thats what was going to be the case.

Guess I will figure out a way to turn them back to white.

Hi, I know this topic is aged a little bit but Im seeing the same problem as the OP stated. I have the same issue but it seems to go farther than just HUE retaining it’s color when it’s turned back on.

I setup a “Bedroom Movie” routine. During that routine, it hits a switch called “MB Movie Lighting” which triggers the smart app Smart Lighting . The Smart Lighting app turns on the master bedroom switch, then turns the lights blue and sets them to 20%.

Now, every time I turn on my master bedroom lights via smartthings (not when I use the physical switch), they start at the standard “white” that hue does when you initially turn them on, but in about 5 seconds, the lights turn blue again.

I changed the Smart Lighting app to do away with blue and just use the “relax” color in an attempt to fix the issue. This was the ONLY place where the master bedroom lights were changed any color at all.

But the blue lives on. I setup “Smart Wakeup” this morning. Routine hits the switch to turn on the lights first. They start at 100% dim (for about a 1/2 second) then go down to 10% dim. For about 1/2 second they’re white then the magically turn blue. Reminder, I have no automation that turn the lights blue anymore.

While the Smart Wakeup app is running, I go into those hue bulbs directly in smartthings and hit “reset color”. They turn standard color (no change to the dim % occurs) but after about a second they turn back to blue!!

So at this point, unless I use the physical wall switch (Leviton Zwave swich) BY HAND, I have blue lights in the master bedroom.

Someone earlier in this thread mentioned that this was a HUE issue because they go back to thE color they were before they were turned off. Not trying to be a jerk but, that’s simply not true. To prove it, change your HUE to red. Then turn them off at the switch, and back on again. The color will be reset to standard. I know this very well because my wife uses this off,on method to reset light colors instead of using ST.

Any other thoughts on this issue? Would love to get this solved as the master bedroom calls for more than blue lights. :slight_smile:


Most people dont turn their hues off at the switch but via the app. If you only switch the hue bulb off and on with the app, it retains the color you set it at.

My work around was creating a rule in Rule Machine that between certain times, when that bulb was turned on, it would reset the color to warm white or whatever color yo want.

Works perfectly for me.

When I do automation, I find the key to success is having both manual controls (light switches, handheld TV remotes, etc) and automation/digital controls. So even when I install Hue lighting, in this case in my own home, I put a ZWave switch on them as well.

Great example of this is my living room where I haven’t installed switches yet but have HUE. At night, when we leave that room, wife turns the lights off with the switch. Now, i’m not able to use those lights in any kind of routine because they have no power. Having a house without light switches is too crazy for me right now.

But, it sounds like Rule Machine is the answer so away I go. Thanks!

I would greatly appreciate someone with some knowledge on hue color lighting I am thinking about purchasing one of the $15 bulbs it says it is a white light does that mean it will not change colors even if control by my smart thing hub? And would it connect to my smart thing hub

Your guess is correct about the $15 white bulb. It will not change colors but will directly connect to the SmartThings hub. The only problem with direct connection to Smartthings instead of the hue hub is that you cannot remove it from the hub unless you buy a lutron switch to remove it. You can get the switch from homedepot or bestbuy.

Thank you so much for your reply this forum it seems to be a great place foreknowledge and saving me money from doing dumb mistakes. God knows I have been known to make enough of them, question why would I want to remove it from my smart things hub could you give me a great a description of the switch how much does it cost and how do I use it. If I keep hanging out with you guys I will know a thing or three thank you for your time and patience

Here’s the post about the Lutron remote switch.

Bestbuy and homedepot selling them for about $30.

There is no reason to remove the Phillips bulb from Smartthings hub but if you want to move it to another controller later on. That’s the only way.
I have multiple versions of Phillips hue/lux bulbs and some with hue bridge and some directly to Smartthings. For me personally. I find direct connection works better for set dim level and changing color since the integration between ST (Smartthings) is not the greatest. Only problem is if you are using the bulbs for scheduling or time based event then it could be a problem with direct connect to ST since ST is very unreliable for this.
Trust me. I spend countless amount of money on dumb stuffs as well so there’s nothing to worry about.

I greatly appreciate you spending your money to make those mistakes that makes you my hero that may not help your pocket but I hope it eases your soul. My very first Connected light will arrive tomorrow what kind of problems should I expect in pairing it to the smart thing huh. Will it be as simple as screwing the lightbulb in turning it on or will I have to do some kind of dance and throat chicken grease or something to get it to connect?

As usual nothing works just right for me help Philips hue bulb, I told it to add the new bulb that I just got it SAT there looking at it for over an hour telling me that it was trying to figure out what it was it never recognized the white bulb. It’s simply called it a thing

Just added this custom device handler that was shared to the community for controlling the Hue Bulb. I was having the same trouble as you until I found this. As soon as I added it, I can control my hue bulb and colors without a problem.

Credit goes to for making this…