Light switch restore hue

If you have a hue on a regular ol light switch, does anyone know how to put the bulbs back to their last setting when the light switch is turned back on?

Not possible if you are using a simple/regular/ordinary switch to turn it in or off. It will default to soft white.

So I got a wemo switch and it still defaults to white… What’s the solution?

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but rather than using the WeMo Switch to turn the load on and off, permanently connect the bulb to an always on load and use the WeMo Switch to trigger the bulb on and off, then when it’s turned on it will be in it’s previous state.

This is what I always do for the 13 hues. They are always on via the physical switches. Use ST to turn ithem on. Use some app to change the color to your liking (do not use third party app to turn it on it off). Use ST to turn them on/off via scheduled or other ways. They will always retain the previous color. If it is physically turned off by any regular switch it will go back to standard color.

Also bear in mind ST integration is still in lab and misfires at times.

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The Harmony Remotes can save a unique scene per activity. With the ST/Harmony integration it should be possible to trigger these scenes. Unfortunately, I have the ultimate kit and not the ultimate home kit, so I cannot test it until Logitech offers the upgrade for existing owners.