Hue Lights Retain Last Color When "Restarting"

I’m guessing it’s due to the not quite ready for prime time" nature of Hue and ST, but my Hue bulbs remain on the last color they were when they turn on again after an off.

For instance, I have them set to be a red nightlight during my “Asleep” mode when there’s motion on the downstairs detectors. One of the bulbs happens to be at the top of the basement stairs, so I have that triggered with another rule to turn on when the basement door opens. It always reverts to the last color - most times red.

Is there a way to specifically set the color of the Hue bulb when it comes on? Particularly, I’d like the open/closed sensor to activate white light.

Use the “Notify me with Hue” app.

Allows you to choose the lights color when triggered.

Also, this is not due to STs puting out a product that “isn’t ready for primetime” it’s the way Philips set them up to work. Philips needs to strengthen their API if you want more functionality.

The light remembering its last state is a feature and not a bug. And there is, of course, a way to tell Hue what color to come on at, it’s just that most of the official SmartThings apps don’t have support for color capability. Hopefully one day the apps will be smart enough to be able to discover what capabilities each device possesses, and include it in the users choices. For now, you have to use a SmartApp that has been designed with Hue in mind in order to have color control.


I understand that, I was not alluding to ST. Sorry to them if that’s the way it reads.

I looked at that app, the issue in my particular setup is one Hue bulb at the top of the steps, and one GE Link bulb at the bottom of the steps (my wife would shoot me if I put a $60 bulb in the unfinished basement).

Right now I’m controlling both with a “switch” from the Lights and Switches tab that gets triggered by the door open/close sensor. I don’t see that granular ability in the Notify Me With Hue app. All Hue bulbs or nothing.

I do hope that day comes soon. In the meantime I guess I’ll have to rearrange the bulbs, and furniture, and I’ll probably have to paint then too… :wink:

Note that you can pair your GE links with the Hue bridge instead of directly to the SmartThings Hub. For me, this is the ‘desired’ integration as it will work with anything Hue related in SmartThings, as well as having local control from Hue app(s) and their API. The GE’s simply ignore the color and transitionTime properties (if set).

Aside: So you’re saying that I don’t need a Wink hub if I already have a HUE Bridge? That I can on/off/dim GE Links with HUE apps/api?

(Though Wink is still nearly free with purchase of a couple Links…).


Let me write some code tonight i’ll have something for you by tomorrow. It will do what you need :smile:

Or you can just connect the link direcrtly to the STs hub. You have 3 choices :smile:

Yes. GE Links are Zigbee LL2 protocol; same as Hue. They even work in Hue groups.

Thanks for that heads up. I will consider that as an option as I move forward with this home automation.

That would be awesome!

Hi guys. I am having the issue with the hue lights not reverting to its previous state and i am new to groovy.
How do i enable that if say the garage is closed then the lights revert to previous state.