Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Has anyone seen one of these in the wild yet? This seems like it would be a good alternative to the Aeon Minimote. Plus it has wall mounting options (that aren’t Velcro strips :smirk:) I’m assuming that we could get this working as a button controller


OMG, it’s ZigBee AND they have a Canadian verion! If this works with ST, I’m buying them by the bucket!

Hmmm, interesting! Just because it’s Lutron, I am skeptical it will be supported by ST. But we shall see…

This would completely solve a not-so-kosher three-way light setup that the previous owner of my house rigged up. I had to undo their handywork leaving me with a disconnected switch box at the top of my stairs that there is no easy way for me to bring up to code without tearing open walls… This plus the wallplate adapter would be perfect!

Also hoping that it’s not crazy expensive

I would be OK with anything <= the price of a complete connected switch.

It’s a Lutron lighting device, so my expectation is that it will work great and be crazy expensive. Also, really nice form factor.

So far they’re only listing GE links and Cree connected bulbs as “compatible.” Plus the wink hub. No hues.

Several possible ways it might work, some of which would work with smartthings, some of which would work in the sense of controlling the lights but would not update status to smartthings. Somebody will just have to experiment with a real one.

Which is why I expect to be disappointed with the price. They do make a quality product though. The Caseta Pico remotes are at a good price point, but I’m betting that adding Zigbee drives that up quite a bit.
I wish they’d make a Zigbee fan/light controller like the Maestro controller I have now…are you listening, Lutron? :wink:

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They are obviously NOT listening to this community or else I wouldn’t have my Wink hub running in parallel with ST just to control Caseta switches!

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From the SmartThings perspective, it might be a lot like the hue tap switch. That is, it could control certain zigbee bulbs, but you couldn’t mix-and-match zigbee with zwave with Mode changes the way you can with a button controller or a Z wave switch under smartthings.

And it may not update status to the smartthings hub.

It could still be great for certain use cases, but not the wallmount button controller we all want.

On the other hand, if it works like the Smarten IT three toggle zigbee device, that would be fantastic! We’ll just have to wait-and-see.

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Well the parts cost is probably <$4 more than the standard pico. So we’ll see…

I just bought one at home depot $29.97 it was hanging off one of the bays they just came in yesterday.

I don’t think wink supports it yet? as I can’t get it to connect to my wink hub and my hue bulbs don’t seem to connect eihter I’ll see if my GE link bulbs will play with it later on

Are you sure you’re in the right community? Or did you mean you couldn’t connect it to ST hub?

I’m using a wink currently but I’m getting the new smartthings hub once it ships

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That’s odd because Wink is the one hub specifically listed as compatible. It should work with your GE Links and Wink.

It seems the issue is the remote was put on sale accidently before it’s release date at select home depot’s so wink hasn’t updated yet to allow pairing but I saw a post elsewhere saying the beta version for iOS supports it so I’d assume if I was singed up for the Android beta I could pair it also

I might have to stop by my Home Depot and see if I can pick one up and try it with ST.

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Call the support they can push the beta for you

I sent them an email but on the plus side I got it to work with all my hue bulbs and the ge link bulbs so they turn off and on and will dim using the remote

That’s awesome! How did you do it?

Home Depot says to call for availability for most stores online, but my store says it doesn’t carry the item. I might still have to stop by and check.