Smartthings generic camera- no live view

So after many attempts, i finally figured out how to get the smartthings generic camera code by pstuart going.

  1. added smartapp on IDE- published only the ‘connect’ app.
  2. added URL to in the ‘child’ app in the code within IDE (not sure if this is what was meant to be done)
  3. added device and published within IDE.
  4. within ‘connect’ smartapp on the smartthings (new) app, i added a ‘test’ camera. there was no place to enter the URL however, only a list of 3 cameras, one of them that was the samewas the one i added in the IDE code.

I’ve seen other topics which say add the URL manually but i don’t see any place to do so- any help on this is appreciated.
5. a new ‘test’ tile was created on its own in my app, with a ‘power’ button. nothing happens when i click it though.

any thoughts?

Tagging @pstuart if you could help @Dhruv_Gupta