Issue (latency) with ZEN32 scene controller


I don’t know if it’s the last firmware update on my v2 hub, but my zen32 (scene controller) has stopped working properly in the last couple of days

There is a major delay of 4-5-6 seconds between the push on a button and the action
I tried to switch from smartthings automation to sharptools rules to make a test but it’s the same thing

Has anyone had the same issue ?
What can be done ?

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I am also experiencing delays when using the Zen32. I’m using the Zooz edge driver.
When looking at the Zen32 device in the app, the press seems to register immediately but the execution of the local automation is delayed.

Don’t know if there is another driver to try, have not found anything else
Was working perfectly for months, until a coupe of days ago…

I think I found what happen, but it’s strange

So one of my smart switch died this week (still don’t know why)
The scene attach to my ZEN32 lagged since this switch died
Today, I changed the switch to a new one and everything was running fast again
So it’s seem that having a routine attach to something offline slow down the whole process, even if the reste of the switches are online

If it can help someone else hehe