ISO Key Fob

Key fob with buttons or a presence sensor? Those are two different functions.

If you just want a key fob with buttons, there are several in the buttons faq, in particular the Aeotec nanomote. (The FAQ is only supposed to have one or two posts per device, and usually there is a link to a discussion thread about each device. If you do have any follow-up questions, either use the appropriate device discussion thread, or come back here and ask. Thanks! )

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings


It’s a nice device, but it’s just a button remote. It won’t automatically open the door, she will have to push the button and you will have programmed that to open your garage door. If you want, you can create a schedule so the button only works to open the door at specific dates and times. :sunglasses:

As far as presence sensors where you don’t have to push the button, that gets more complicated with the new app.