Aeotec keyfob

I have the aeotec keyfob working as a button controller, but I can’t get it to work as a presence sensor, which is why I bought it in the first place.

Has anyone had success doing that?



I’m not aware of anyone using this device as a presence sensor with SmartThings or any other Z wave controller. That’s not its intended purpose. The manufacturer just describes it as a four button remote.

Was there something in particular that led you to think it could be used as a presence sensor? Those devices are more typically Zigbe, which have somewhat better battery life, essential for a device which will check in often. So the SmartThings brand arrival sensor is a Zigbee fob, as is the iris system keyfob presence sensor used in that system.

The Aeon labs key fob is often used to unlock doors, but through a button press on the fob, not presence detection.

Not saying it’s impossible, but I don’t know anything in SmartThings set up to do it, and I think you’d kill the battery pretty fast.

I must have been reading a post about using it for unlocking doors and assumed it could be used for presence as well.

We all know what assume means, lol.

I only want the presence sensor for my furnace auto-away functions, not for automating lights, locks etc. so in the end this will work out better.

I’ll order a presence tag, and use the buttons for changing the scenes, unlocking the door etc.

I do like the idea of using a motion detector in a container as a presence sensor to trigger multiple functions though.



don’t bother with this… poorly designed I returned mine to amazon after the back kept coming off and the battery falling out when your keys were in your pocket… 3-4 times in a week finally I lost the back and battery. luckily amazons return policy is good for what I would call a defective item… In fact they appear to have taken them off the amazon site, so I imagine I was not the only one with issues.