Needs a key fob or remote control of some kind

(David G) #1

Here’s my problem. My wife insists on keeping the setting on our Schlage lock that auto locks it after 30 seconds. So, Even when my Smartthings Presence or my iPhone unlock it when I arrive home, the geo fence is far enough away that it’s at least a minute or more by the time I actually get to the door.

(Im Brian) #2

What about putting a Multi on the door - if your presence is detected within the last 90 seconds a knock will unlock? Then you don’t need to carry anything else - and you can use the multi for other things (detecting when anyone knocks on the door, sensor when front door is opened and a temp sensor).

Otherwise, unsure of availability of this:

(David G) #3

Interesting. I’m hesitant to knock because my dogs go absolutely nuts. i know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth.

(David G) #4

That key fob looks promising. If i can get one, would it work with Smartthings?

(Im Brian) #5

The hardware is compatible - you’d have to talk to someone like @urman to ensure actual device software support. If it weren’t supported out of the box, I’d imagine it would be extremely easy for them to add it.

(Duncan) #6

We’re working on supporting the Aeon Minimote and key fobs for this kind of thing. They aren’t the highest priority, so its hard to say how long it will be, but those will likely be the first portable button-type devices that we support.

(Jandros) #7

Sorry to revive a dead thread, but what if instead of locking after 30 seconds, you put a door open/close sensor on the door, and the door re-locks after it has been opened and closed, or say 5 minutes go by, and even it could also re-lock if your presence sensor leaves before you open the door. She gets the security that the door will be locked(which I’m assuming is probably what she actually wants), you get the system to just let you in when you arrive.