Remote unlock or key fob

I’m looking for something that I can use to unlock a door that works better than the presence sensors. Is there some kind of remote control button that I can keep with me and press to unlock my schlage lock or maybe a key fob?

Aeon Panic button or Minimote should do the trick.

Thanks Andrew. Are these choices better than the Aeotec Z-Wave Key Fob? Are they simple to set up?

@alucard76 they are actually the same Aeon Labs is Aeotec. They are pretty simple to set up. Check out this thread where someone got it connected.

But the panic button you mentioned has a single button, whereas the 2 others seem to have more than 1 button

@alucard76 yup the four buttons work as well :slight_smile:

And the last annoying question, I promise. Which one is my best option for simply pressing a button to lock/unlock my front door?

Waiting on your answer before I click “buy now”

@alucard76 I think the best one would be the panic button. It’s the most simple :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all provided that the button has no range issues.

Thank you

Hi Andrew
well, I bought them all! I agree that the panic button is the simplest concept. Problem is, I don’t know how to set it up to work to both lock and unlock my schlage touchscreen deadbolt


@alucard76 sorry I didn’t see this thread! We’ll have a button controller SmartApp released this week!

No worries Andrew, thanks. Will this app make the set up a lot easier? Cause now it’s a bit confusing and complicated. Is there a way I can get a step by step walkthrough?

@alucard76 setup will be much easier. We’ll have a knowledgebase entry and a blog post outlining it.

Hi everybody - I’m looking for a more affordable alternative to the Aeotec 4 button key fob. Lowe’s carries the Iris Key Fob and others have mentioned that some Iris devices may also work with SmartThings (hopefully it’s not a proprietary Zigbee implementation). The key fob is less than $20 and can be found here:

Thanks for any advice!


That device isn’t compatible to my knowledge. Iris uses a proprietary ZigBee configuration.