Is Zooz going to update their device handlers to the new architecture?

I have several Zooz products (ZEN15, ZEN25, ZEN30) and they would be hard to replace for what I use them for if Zooz or some other developer does not create a device handler for the new architecture when the IDE as we know it, and groovy go away.

I see some of the Zooz products listed in with supported devices but not the items I have. With any new smart home purchases I am planning with the future in mind and need a couple more switches like the ZEN30.

I hope this thread does not turn into another “Samsung is ruining ST!” They have given plenty of warning it is going to happen and I believe they know what they are doing. Just my opinion…

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The people to ask would be The Smartest House. Zooz is their house brand.

Historically they have put a lot of effort into keeping up with smartthings changes, Including for the new V3 app. But since as yet smartthings has not fully documented how any “hub connected“ DTHs will work, including their own, it may be that Zooz have full intentions to keep up but cannot say 100% for sure because no one outside of Samsung is 100% sure how it’s going to work in the future.

I would expect this to be true for any zwave manufacturer who currently offers custom DTHs to work with smartthings.


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@krlaframboise might have more insight.

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They’ve given notice it’s going away, but haven’t provided any information about what’s replacing it for hub connected devices so it’s not possible for Zooz to do anything yet.

For most z-wave devices, being supported by ST just means that the device’s fingerprint was added to a generic DTH that works reasonably well with it.


We’ll definitely do what we can to maintain access to all of the advanced features for Zooz devices but like @krlaframboise and @JDRoberts said, nobody has any details yet. We were ready for the Classic > new app transition and that went pretty smoothly for the Zooz product line. We’re preparing the best we can for the IDE going away.