Is withings WS-50 smart body analyzer supported?

(Ron S) #1

Does Withings WS-50 smart body analyzer integrate with ST? And is it any good?


I am using it. I don’t have it connected to ST (would also like to know how to do that) but as a connected scale I find it to be outstanding. It was easy to connect to my wifi network, and the fit and finish is very well done. The withings app is super, and I have it connected to both Jawbone UP and MyFitnessPal. I also have a Fitbit Aria that the SO uses, and I think the withings is much better.

I would really like to have ST integration for several things, the obvious integration of its temp and CO2 sensors, but also I would like to trigger Hello, Home phrase after weight in.

Currently I am using IFTTT triggers with it.

(Ron S) #3

Cool… I started using UP24 for the past two days, integration with ST is basic and don’t care. Just trying to get back in shape. Just would be nice to have everything connected with ST. :slight_smile:

(Hubert Simon) #4

There is apparently some integration with ST that is in testing according to this thread: Withings ws50 scale

It’s a great scale, I’m really satisfied with it. Just looking at the different graphs on the Withings Healthmate app is great motivation to continue whatever efforts you’re doing to get in shape. And the integration with apps like Runtastic, Jawbone Up, Myfitnesspal and others is really useful to get a clear picture of your overall progression.