Is this acceptable? (All Devices “unavailable”)

To ask Alexa to turn the light on and then the light not come on and not indicating a problem?
To then check the app and see what’s going on to find that every single device from contact sensors to lights show status as unavailable?
To power cycle my hub and everything okay again?

Just asking.

Any chance you have multiple Amazon devices in more than one location with multiple Amazon accounts?

No I do not have multiple amazon devices in more than one location with multiple accounts.

Since starting with smartthings all of my smartthings branded sensors failed, the replacements failed and the replacements replacements failed. I started using IRIS sensors instead.

The batteries leaked in my hub and really was not handled very well by Samsung.

Tech support is taking weeks and weeks to reply to my support issue and when they do it is clear they have not tried to understand my issue.

The new app doesn’t do what the old one does and I feel like the old app is being left behind.

But what frustrates me most is finding smartthings devices by chance that are no longer working. I have had this problem a lot over the last two years and I thought it had finally been fixed. How hard could it be to get me a notification that a device is not working? I don’t get it. As an IT guy I find it highly frustrating.

If you want notifications that the devices have been marked as inactive for a time period That you set per device, that’s easy. There are several custom smartapps that will do it. I think the most popular is probably “simple device viewer.” :sunglasses:

Look on the quick browse list in the community – created wiki, look in the smartapp section, and choose the list for “wellness check”.

I guess I don’t really understand the title you chose for this thread. Are you asking if this is a common problem? Because if so, then it is. Are you asking if the average person should consider it an acceptable level of performance? I think it just depends on their expectations.

From an industry standpoint, most US consumers expect a MFOP (maintenance free operating Period) for things like dishwashers and televisions and streaming boxes and gameplayers of 12 months, although sometimes they will accept six months If it’s a highly complex device. But most tinkerers will accept a much shorter Time for a “bleeding edge” technology. So it really depends on your own expectations in coming to smartthings as to whether you think it’s acceptable or not.

The majority of people in this forum are probably tinkerers and power users Who will put up with a shorter MFOP in order to get the power and flexibility of the SmartThings platform. Those looking for more of a “set and forget” System probably moved on to something else with more stability. Every system has pros and cons, but right now, stability is not one of the smartthings pros.