Is there there an app to simulate being home when you're gone

Something that randomly turns various lights on an off? (Yes, I did search for this prior to asking).

Try searching for “vacation lighting”. I would post a link but my phone won’t let me get to the link right now.

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Vacation lighting Director


Vacation Lighing Director stopped working for me when we switched to Daylight Savings Time, I’ve removed and re-added it several times since then to no avail,

Looks like Vacation Lighting Director has also quit working for me. I happen to be away tonight and just reviewed my logs.

Not sure if I’ll fix it it or just move the function to CoRE. I know there is a thread that has a pseudo random program for controlling lights when away using CoRE.

This is not the first time vacation lighting director has quit working for me too.

I suppose I should have checked to see if it was working before recommending it. My apologies to the OP.

I think this is working for me. I am not at my house at the moment and I can see this:

Nice work on this @anon36505037!

Thank you for the Piston. It looks great and now I don’t have to go hunting or reinvent the wheel and write one. I appreciate you sharing!

It would be nice if we could set up some type of area to share all of our Pistons in searchable format once web core is completed.

Amen to this! So many of us are very very new. I couldn’t re-create this core in a million years. I could tweak it but I couldn’t create it.

If you have webCoRE installed you could import this and modify accordingly.
I have a couple of these for different lights.
They could all be in one piston but I like to keep mine separate.
Using a ‘While’ means this just keeps cycling round and round while the piston is true.


Here is a core piston I use at my parents house for away lighting. Basically sunset-sunrise if both are gone, each time it runs it randomly sets a lightnum and lightlevel variable. Lightnum determines which light runs and lightlevel sets the brightness. So you get random lights, random times on, and random brightness.


Lots of ways to skin this cat as you can see.

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Indeed. I think for a lot of us newbies, it’s crawl->walk->run, I’m probably still crawling but getting more knowledge as time goes by.

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