Is there an E26 screw based smart motion detector?

Living in California, I think I’m going to be required to have motion detection for all my outdoor lighting in my new construction home. I’m okay with that, but I’d prefer a hardwired motion detector instead of battery operated in that case.

Is any manufacturer producing an add-on smart E26 screw based detector, or smart RGBW bulbs with motion detection?


There are lots, but I assume you mean that is also compatible with SmartThings?

If so, the only one I know of is Sengled. They are making both smart and dumb versions of this, so make sure you are looking at the right model.

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In a slightly different format, Zooz has an outdoor Z wave motion sensor which can be either battery powered or USB powered. So I don’t know if you want to consider that or not.

And I know this doesn’t match what you described, but my own personal favorite is the new ring product which is based on the previous Mr. beams. (Ring acquired Mr Beams last year)

Those don’t integrate directly with SmartThings, but I just think they are really nice products.

You can get some indirect ST integration with them through echo routines (not smartthings routines). there are quite a few community members who have them.

Thanks for the suggestions. I always appreciate and value your insight and advice on all your posts.

I was looking at the indoor version of the Zooz, thinking I could McGyver a USB power supply within the j box or escutcheon of the light. Great to see they have a true outdoor version now.

I also found this from Homeseer which could work…

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