Is there a way to turn off a motion detector's notifications for, say, 12 hours?

I have a handful of motion detectors around my house that ordinarily see little movement. Like, the one in the garage. They alert me for any motion. But every now and then I might, e.g., work on something in the garage or back yard.

I would like to be able to shut off reporting for a variable amount of time. Say, 8 or 12 or 36 hours.

Of course, I can turn it off. Then turn it back on. That’s not what I’m asking.

I’m asking is there one thing I can do at the start of day’s work in the garage or back yard, so it will come back on some hours later.

Anyone know a way to do that?

I am hoping the answer is not “there’s an app for that”. Tired of all the apps. But if that’s all there is, that’s all there is.

Thanks if you can help!

You could add a virtual switch and then a rule in WebCoRE that disables the motion detection notifications for the period of time you specify or until you switch the virtual switch back on/off.


This is it and IMHO the easiest approach.

I use webCoRE for most of my rules and I have a Virtual Switch for each room that basically acts as a (Master Automation Controller) “If this switch is on then do the rest of the rule”

Create Virtual Switch called "Garage Automation"
In each of your webCoRE Pistons related to the Garage, have the Master Restriction, If Garage Automation (Virtual Switch you created) is On. This way if the Garage Automation Virtual Switch is off, the rule(s) do not execute.

A Master Garage Automation Controller Piston that says:
If Garage Automation changes to Off
Then using Garage Automation
Send Notification, "Garage Automation is Off, It will automatically resume in 8 Hours
Wait 8 Hours
Turn On

If Garage Automation changes to On
Then using location
Send Notification, "Garage Automation is back On.

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Thanks, you two!

I guess it can’t be done through the SmartThings app, eh? (Android) I wasn’t missing anything?