Motion sensors Automation Issue

Does anyone know of motion sensors that will detect motion and then report no motion detected. My issue is I use automations to detect motion and turn lights on, but then they turn off while there is still motion, and then turn back on again after they run the automation.

Are sure that they don’t report no motion? Or perhaps there is additional motion that you aren’t aware of? In either case, I’d use the ST CLI to get detail logging to see how the device is behaving. Use the command “smartthings edge:drivers:logcat” and supply your hub address and select the driver for the device. Also, how are your Routines written?

How are you creating the Automation for the motion sensor? Post screenshots, please.

Also, look at the History tab for the motion sensor device in the SmartThings app. I suspect you’ll see motion and no-motion events logged.

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So I have it to turn off automatically after 5 minutes. Is there a better way to turn it off?

Do I need to create another automation to turn off if no motion for set period of time? The problem is if I manually turn on then it will turn it off if no motion

That’s what I do.

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Problem is now I can’t manually turn the light on and leave it on.

Was going to suggest you remove the precondition that the light was off but I guess that’s why you have that.

I don’t think you can have it both ways. Without the light on precondition, the off timer will reset any time there is motion. But, as you said, you can’t “override” it.

I have a similar situation but there’s a second switch and light I use as an override. In the pic, the light being used as a precondition is not the same as the light being turned off.

I’m working on doing the same now using a virtual switch. I think this should work out. With the HomeSeer switch I can turn the virtual switch on to suspend motion control when “toggled up”, and then turn virtual switch off when “toggled down”. For Motion automation virtual switch must be off. Testing now


Working like a charm!

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Nice! I’ve got a mix of Leviton, Zooz, and GE/Jasco. None of them, so far as I know, let you get a separate event for manual operation of the switch.