Is there a way to set different responses to ARM or Stay alerts in STHM

Hi, I’ve just been trying to see if I can set a different response to an alert from STHM in security mode for Arm/Away vs Stay/Night and I couldn’t see that it is possible. It appears there is a single response to Security in STHM. I can see I can have different responses for Leaks and Smoke but not between Arm and Stay modes. Does anyone know a way or work around for this.

Sorry should add … New ST app


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Just to clarify… you want different responses for intruder is detected between armed/stay and armed/away?

Yes thats about it… For example when an intruder alert occurs in Arm/Away mode all sirens sounds etc but in Stay/Night mode I want only the sounds to play from a speaker in the bedroom, so enough to wake up but not so loud that the house shakes and wakes the whole street. Just cant see a way to do it

Have you tried building an automation?

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I did think that might be an options but STHM doesnt provide any options to determine between Arm or Stay mode in a response. So if I used a virtual switch for example then it would be triggered regardless of Arm or Stay mode.

What I need is a trigger output from STHM but thats not possible.

If you’re using it for security, make sure any automations you use won’t fail if your internet is down…

That is a very good point. I have tested an automation that would use a virtual switch and a second one that would trigger depending on time of day … It works but like you say if no internet then it wont work…

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of ST minimal local processing … this is why I am considering Hubitat . that and the very unstable ST platform

Well the way I have done it is with SmartLighting apps (which run locally as long as all the devices do - eg zigbee/zwave without custom handlers). Then the actual “mode” test - for whether to sound the sirens or what - takes the form of virtual switch states rather than modes or scenes. If you still want to use the modes, just have the virtual switches set as the mode changes.

Interesting … just tried that and I can see how it would work … I have got Sonos so I can use the sounds through that … but ideally i’d like to use Amazon Echo as well.