Is there a way to integrate STH with Geeni app?

Not really an issue, but was wondering if there was any integration means with Geeni WiFi devices with ST?
Which I will eventually probably just get rid of the Geeni things that I have. As I add more ST devices.

What is “STH”?

If you just meant “smartthings”, there are several existing threads on this. Short answer is that the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“

Your Geeni Devices first need to be added to the Smart Life app, and then you will be able to use the Tuya/smartthings integration for some of them. But not all. (The last time I looked, most switches and plugs in the smart life app worked with smartthings, but most bulbs did not.)

So you can’t integrate smartthings with the Geeni app, but you can integrate some of your geeni devices through the smart life app.

Search the forum for discussion of “smart life“ for more information on this integration.

Or start here:

FAQ: Smart Life integration doesn’t show All Devices

(As @Paul_Oliver Notes below, although most people add their Geeni devices to the smart life app, you will then use the “tuya“ Integration to bring them over to smartthings. He explains why.)

First install your devices in the Smartlife or Tuya apps. Then run the Tuya integration in Smartthings.

Then see if your devices appear in Smartthings. If they don’t appear do the following.

In the Smartlife or Tuya apps create seperate “tap-to-run” on and off automations (scenes) for each device you want to use in Smartthings.

In Smartthings run the Tuya integration. Do NOT use the Smartlife integration. (The difference between the Smartlife and Tuya intrigations is that the Tuya integration doesn’t end with an error message. And when you look on linked services the imported scenes are listed under Tuya, unlike Smartlife which is blank.)

When you go back to the main page in Smartthings you will find on and off switchs for each device possibly in No Room Assigned.

They will say they are off line, ignore that for now.

I have been using WebCore with my Smartlife/Tuya devices to overcome the offline issue, and it works good. Reportedly Sharptools can also be used, but I have never tried it. You can also try to do this in Automations but it doesn’t always work.

I create virtual switches in Smartthings for each device that I need to use the Tuya on/off automations for.

In WebCore I create a piston for each device. The first part of the piston say toggle the “on” scene when the virtual switch is turned “on”. The second part of the piston say toggle the “off” scene when the virtual switch is turned “off”.
I have been using for months with no issues.

FYI: If you open each device in the Smartlife/Tuya app and hit the edit icon it will list the “3rd party controls” that are available for that device.

I have 5 Smartlife devices. They all list Alexa and Google controls. Only 1 lists Smartthing.

But any Smartlife/Tuya automations you create get intergrated with Smartthings.

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