Can't find anything on Google. Is there any support, official or no, for Geeni smart bulbs?

I just recently bought a Geeni GN-BW904-999 Prisma 1050 smart bulb because it works with Alexa. I’m actually kind of disappointed in the smartphone app’s capabilities, but nevertheless…

I would like to use ST to “tie” all my devices together. I already having it controlling X10 devices through a Raspberry Pi running ha-bridge. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about these bulbs. I have some coding experience if anyone can point me in the right direction.


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These have peaked my interest as to how cheap they are. Would love to see an unofficial integration.

I’m also looking for Geeni integration with ST. I cannot find any device handlers or smartapps. Sadly even IFTTTdoes not support Geeni so right now no way to tie in ST to Geeni :frowning:

It looks smart life and geeni are related. I installed geeni app first and linked bulbs. Then found smart life app and that is IFft compatible or linked or whatever…