Run Routine when Dismissing SHM Alarm?

Is there a way to run a Routine (or turn on a switch that can then run routine) whenever you cancel or dismiss an alarm in SHM?

I have CORE installed, however I’m not disarming SHM. For example, if it is armed, and SHM is accidently set off. When I go to SHM, it will show the red screen. I click on it and then dismiss the notification. That’s when I want routine to run. If I dismiss the alert, it stays the same state that it was, therefore using state changes to Disarmed will not work. Additionally the state changes to disarmed when I return home. I do not want this routine to run when I return home, only when I’ve dismissed the alarm.

SmartThings currently does not offer Community Developers a direct API into the SHM notification system.

It’s my personal belief that this is being kept proprietary (or for formal partners only) because such integrations are a revenue pathway – e.g., integration with the Scout central monitoring & response service, for example (and ADT Canopy, and others to follow).