Indoor Camera for Pet Monitoring (UK)

Can anyone recommend a indoor camera that is compatible with smartthings without an additional subscription and available in the uk. I’m looking to monitor what my dog gets up to at night

There are very few cameras that integrate with SmartThings, but since you are in the UK, you do have one choice which is not available to most North American customers. It’s certified to work with SmartThings and is made by the SmartThings hardware partner, Aeotec. It would probably be OK for your purposes, it’s a fairly middling device and the app features aren’t great, but the price is appropriate.

Other than that, both ring and Arlo, The main camera partners, now push their subscriptions hard.

At our house, we use aqara cameras for this purpose and really like them, But while you can bring some of the models into SmartThings as a matter bridge, you don’t get any of the camera features through the integration, not even the motion sensor. So probably not what you’re looking for. (we use ours via Apple home, where it works well.)

Hopefully someone else will know of some more options, but at this point, I’d suggest trying the SmartThings version from Aeotec first And see if that works for you.