Is there a reliable Nest device handler?

I’ve tried the multi-tile, and the simple nest device handlers, and in both cases I have to manually login (by going into the properties of the device on my mobile app and clicking done) every couple days. If I don’t “refresh” the device like this, I simply cannot control the thermostat, and the state becomes stale in ST (the temp/mode will no longer reflect the current status of the thermostat). This makes most of my rules worthless, as a result. Are others having this issue? Or is it something unique to my setup?

I have a raspberry pi using the Nest API to pull temp and humidity every 5 minutes, and it has never had a connectivity issue.

Check this thread out, it should b everything your looking for and more.


Nest Manager 2.0 is awesome. Try it out.

Thanks! Checking it out now!

Another happy Nest Manager user here.

I use it in conjunction with thermostat director to set Nest off if a door is left open, and the mode director so that Nest goes into away mode with the house when we leave.

Nest Manager has been working great for me for the past couple days (which is more than I can say for any of the other nest device handlers I’ve tried. I haven’t had to re-login once.

I updated the Nest Manager from github a couple days ago, and now my Nest keeps getting switched to “Away” mode even though I have Auto-Away set to OFF. I see there’s a new version out there again, so I’ll apply that update, too, but I really need this to work correctly. I do not have any events triggered by the Nest Presence Sensor, so that’s not what’s doing it.

Edit: The way I worded that was not meant to conclusively blame Nest Manager for the problem. It may be coincidental timing, or it could have been happening and for some reason I hadn’t noticed it. So the gist is that (1) a couple days ago I noticed the Nest is flipping into AWAY mode when it shouldn’t, and (2) I updated Nest Manager a couple days ago, and (3) these may or may not be related.

I looked at the event log in the SmartThings IDE and it shows the changes as all being reported by the device. Guess I’ll go find the Nest forums, too.

@tonesto7 I think I have a smoking gun on the problem I wrote about in earlier posts, but I’m still not sure who’s holding that gun. First, here’s the event history from the Nest application:

You can see that the Nest switched to Away mode at 8:29 AM “by ST-Integration”. You can also see that the scheduled temperature change at 10 PM, down to 64, did not occur as it did on other days. AND, you can also see that there were no mode switches prior to Friday 8/26. But here’s the ST Event Log from about that time:

And the reason I’m not sure who’s holding the smoking gun is that the event log shows all the entries as coming from the device, not via commands.

Here’s the event log from the Saturday morning event period:

So I’m back to being suspicious of the device handler because I know I published the newest one just a couple days ago, and Thursday night or Friday morning would have been about the right time frame.

I want mine to switch to away mode but it doesn’t. I does set the temperature to the correct setting based on the Routine for when I leave. As long as the temp setting is correct, then having it say away or home is no big deal to me.

I removed the device from SmartThings, removed the Nest Manager smartapp, and the Nest Manager device handlers. Then I re-installed everything and connect the Nest to my hub again. So far, so good.