Is there a neutral wire in this light switch


I wanted to check if there is a neutral wire in this light switch. the house is way old and uses UK wiring codes.


On the sides there are writings as follows:

1- A 1 way
2- A 2 way
3- B com

A/C only 250v

Is there only one switch for the light that this switch controls?

its has two light switches in front

Sorry, I’m confusing the both of us. Let’s start again.

How many switches are on the face plate of the switch? 1 or 2.

two switches

Since neutral is the return path for the current, it should never go through a switch, right? Whenever I’ve seen a neutral in with a switch, the incoming and outgoing legs of that wire are joined with a wire nut and shoved into the back of the box, while the two legs of the hot side go to the two sides of the switch.

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And both of them turn a light on/off?

the front side looks like this btw

No there will not be a neutral in that switch. The blue and yellow should be sleeved to identify them as live. Get a sparky before messing - electricity kills. Every wire in that switch will be live at some point.

I’m afraid the majority of UK lighting does not have a neutral at the switch.
The neutral will be in the ceiling rose.


Agree on that one. Without seeing it I wouldn’t want to comment on the photo and as @Jamie states if you’re not sure then ask a sparky.

Not sure of your end goal but if you want a dimmer then some of the Fibaro range don’t require a neutral, search this place, plenty of information available.

Thank you .

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