Replacing light switches

I hope someone can help. I want to replace some light switches in the house, so that I have smart controls over conventional wall and ceiling lights, however my wiring to my existing switches are just a live drop with a switched return, no common to be able to power a smart switch. Unless anyone knows that the common for the operation of the live switch will come via the fact that the switch is wired into the circuit anyway? It’s a standard British setup anyway, so if anyone knows an easy method then I’d really appreciate it.

Some switches and modules require a neutral wire to power them.

An example of one that doesn’t is the Fibaro Dimmer 2 (212). I’ve used these with success throughout my house (every main switch from top to bottom) and opted for momentary switch plates on the front of them.

In the majority of cases, I just have a live/switched live. It’s a UK 1930s built house with some modernisation (but not much to the original lighting circuit).

Thanks John. I’ll take a look at that one. I was looking at Pico ones from the states which just power up via the live and load wires but they are the wrong shape for our switch boxes.

One thing I will say is that you’ll need 35mm backboxes (45 is recommended but 35 is ample). A typical UK installation usually has 25mm for lights.

Originally I had 25/35 mixed depending on work that had been carried out previously. I got the 25mm ones bored out, which was messy.