2 or 3 wire switch?

(Terry Read) #1

Hey Guys,

Might sound like a dumb question but could someone advise if this looks like a 2 wire or 3 wire switch?

I can take a better picture tomorrow night if it still isn’t clear from my photo.

I checked on the website Vesternet Website but still unsure!


(Antony Pugh) #2

Looks like a 2wire with 2way switch.

I take it this light can also be turned on/off from another location.

(Steve) #3

Agreed looks like a 2 wire/2way

Just an observation, but red cable at the top of the switch is considered poor practice and could be dangerous. There should be no copper exposed past any terminal. It might just need inserting a bit more into the terminal, or a bit trimming off the end for it to sit in the screw terminal correctly.

(Wayne) #4

What’s really concerning is that it’s an extremely shallow back box. Unless you chop a deeper one in or put spacers in you won’t be able to fit in any relays. I assume you’re planning on this?

(Terry Read) #5

That was the idea, but I was even thinking of even trying a surface mounted switch. However, it appears that this won’t be possible with the wiring judging by the responses :frowning: (yes the light can be controlled by 2 switches)

However i might try the 2 wire options that I have seen posted.

Thanks for all the feedback though, most helpful!

(Wayne) #6

You can still use three wire relays if you connect it up in the ceiling rose. There will be a neutral somewhere up there.

(Michael) #7

Hope this helps