Is there a cheaper alternative to the Mimo light for Alarm Systems?

I want to independently trigger 3 zones on a wired alarm panel. It looks like the Mimolite would work for each zone. I wanted to see if ther is a cheaper alternative to the Mimolite? Or is that the only option for each zone. Would a Linear FSZ20 work. I know it is meant for lights but it seems like it would carry low voltage and could be triggered to break the circuit on the panel.

The Fibaro RGBW controller should be able to assuming someone writes the appropriate device type for it (&your system triggers on dc instead of ac). 4 inputs and 4 outputs $70.

This may be an obvious question, but do you think Smartthings will read this as a single device, or will it read the device as one device wired in a series? So if I wired this to 4 zones on my alarm panel, would all 4 zones read as tripped or one, and would I know which zone tripped?

Smartthings, as of now, won’t read it as anything — it’s a new device and it’s just starting to ship in quantity. Someone will have to do the lifting of creating a device profile, smart app, virtual switches to get it going. Assuming that happens, then yes, it will read as individual zones.

Out of the box, your best bet is mimi lite today.