Z-Wave equivalent of X10 PowerFlash Interface (LV contact input transmitter)?

I have a X10 PowerFlash interface in a box moulded above my intruder alarm that currently turns on a X10 Light switch when 12V is applied to the PowerFlash module from the alarm panel.

What is the nearest Z-Wave equivalent of the PowerFlash Interface module that would allow me to turn on a Z-Wave light switch when the auxiliary output of my intruder alarm panel outputs 12V?

Mains supply is present in moulded box above alarm panel.

The Fortrezz Mimolite is popular for this kind of application.


It’s also on the official compatibility list:

There are couple of other devices that can work as well and might be a bit less expensive. Also, I see a few places are out of stock on this, which may mean there will be a new model coming out, although you can still find the current one at some major retailers:

I just mention that because a number of Z wave device manufacturers are bringing out new zwave plus models this year. Those give you about 50% longer-range than the older zwave generation so could be worth waiting for if there’s one on the horizon.

@Navat604 or one of the other electricians in the community might have some additional suggestions.

I was looking at the Fortrezz Mimolite, however the following statement “Input SIG1 is an analog input, internally pulled-up to the MIMOlite supply voltage.” confused me a bit.

The device is not going to apply power to the auxiliary output (what puts out 12V DC) of my Grade 2 rated Alarm Panel and damage it is it?

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Thanks @JDRoberts.

I haven’t used a mimolite in that kind of scenario (yet), but I don’t believe it will. If I were you I’d contact FortrezZ at support@fortrezz.com and describe your use case. They are great to work with. Tagging @dantheman2865 for awareness.

Also, documentation on FortrezZ’s website is more current than the Zwave Products site. Be sure to check these out:


and especially this one:


Here’s another use case for a mimolite that uses more of it’s functionality through the use of a potentiometer:

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Definitely email support@fortrezz.com to get a definitive answer, but the pull-up should source 1mA or less into your equipment when you pull that MIMOlite input low.

What is the model of your panel?

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