Alarm panel Door Sensors Trigger Mimolite

I have a wired alarm system. I have added a new zone to a door. I have been unable to find an App that would turn off the Mimolite when a door sensor is broken. I am using a Device type Mimolite Smoke which triggers the alarm when I do it manually from the ST App, but I need a trigger from the door sensors, any thoughts?

Please explain a little more…
I’m thinking you have a hardwired door sensor that you have wired to the NC (normally closed) inputs of the MimoLite. Is that correct?

And then you’re looking for an app that receives the data from the MimoLite when it sees “open”, Correct?

First your you’re going to need to install the MimoLite as a device in ST. Then you can install an app that can do something when the device sees open.

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No on the hard wiring at the door, we have added a side door to our house. The way it is set now, I have the ST door sensor at the door and the Mimolite getting power from the panel and then wired into one of the zones. I am trying to get the door sensor when opened to trigger the Mimolite to read as opened so that it causes the zone to fault. These seems a heck of a lot easier than hardwiring a sensor from the side door to the panel which has a lot of house and walls in the way.

Ah, that’s pretty slick. I have a mimolite device type that can be modified to work. Then you could just hook that up with a modified “turn light on when door opens” app. Have the app “open” the normally closed side of the mimolite when it gets an open from the door sensor.

Are able to write apps or device type code? Let me know and we can get you pointed in a direction.

I am a novice on the coding but I have been trying to learn, is your code on Github? I will give it a shot. I currently have the Mimolite running on a Smoke Alarm/Alarm system code called Mimolite Smoke. The zone faults when i turn it on and of from the Smartthings app, so I will try your app and see if I can get it to work. By the way, I might try to move to the Fibaro RGBW when it becomes available. Although it seems like it was designed for lights, it looks like a single device costing $70 has 5 independent inputs and outputs leading me to believe that I can control 4 additional zones.

Got it working exactly as planned. Thanks I found code took out some of the unnecessary stuff and now works like another zone.


Thats Awesome!

Can you share what you ended up doing for your solution? Others will have the same or similar need.

It turned out to be quite simple. As mentioned previously I have a Smartthings Door Sensor, and on the Mimolite, I wired the power to the alarm Panel and the common and NC to an open zone on my alarm panel. After you had mentioned that you had code for the Mimolite, I found Mimolitesmoke device code here:

Then I simply used the Smartthings App and set Turn on when a door or window is open to trigger the Mimolite switch when the door is open.

At that point, everything worked, when I open a door, the zone tripped and the alarm went off.

I then removed unnecessary code from Mimolite Smoke such as the Smoke Alarm portion. It saved a lot of hassle of having to worry about wiring. I like the set up, but my main worry is that if I have a power outage or the internet connection drops even for a short period of time whether my zone will fault and the home alarm will go off. I would assume not because I would think that without power, the circuit will still read a s closed.

I’m really keen on the Fibaro RGBW which is on back order because if it works the way I think it can, I can wire 4 zones into my existing hard wired zones on the panel or add more wireless zones.

Thanks for sharing your path to your solution. Hopefully it will help someone else.

As for the fail modes (power out, etc) you might want to think about getting a UPS battery backup for your alarm panel, router and ST hub. That way when you loose power, your mission critical devices will still work. It has been discussed here several times with people coming up with some solid solutions. I think @scottinpollock is one of those.