Does Z-Wave MIMOlite board work with SmartThings Hub?

I am looking at purchasing a Smarthings hub and am wondering at the capabilities it has. Are you able to add IO boards as the one I have linked below? Would I be able to energize the Output right from the Smartthings App?

Thank you

Short answer is … Yes.

Search :mag: the Forum for MIMOlite and you will probably find more details.

The Mimolite specifically, yes. I would note that technically that’s not a board, it’s a bridge. It’s a certified Z wave device and is limited to a set of specific commands. But it’s quite a popular device, as @tgauchat suggested, just search the forums for Mimolite and you’ll find it being used in lots of projects.

I should add that smart things used to sell a radio, called the thingshield, that you could add to an Arduino and that was very popular with maker types. But I guess there weren’t enough of those people, because they have since discontinued that device. There is a current discussion for what might be used in place of it, and that might be more of what you’re asking:

Most people seem to be switching to the ESP Wi-Fi options, which are very inexpensive, but if you go with Wi-Fi you’re going to run out of addresses fairly quickly when compared to a zigbee implementation.

Still, it’s an option to be aware of. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for all the Info!

To be honest my original goal was to use the MIMO lite for a Garage Door. I would like to be able to monitor status of the door and fire the relay to open and close it depending. Of course looking to do this remotely through the app. I noticed in some searching that there is actually a Garage Door setup for this exact device.

I was interested in the Arduino Mega with the Sheeld but it is gone.

Thanks again

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This is exactly what use a MIMOLite for. FortrezZ’s site has instruction on how to set that up.

And if you search (it’s your friend around here!) the Community you’ll find the DTH I put together specifically for a garage door:

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply. I have just recently received my ST Hub and MIMOlite. I have been searching through several posts where you said you posted your code for the Garage Door setup. However every time I click on it I get nothing from GitHub. It says this is not the page I am looking for.

I have come across several other device handlers, but none seem to look as good as your picture above. Also my MIMOlite seems to be stuck in a parameter that causes the input to fire the relay. I have read through the technical appendix and it seems like it is Parameter 3. However to get it out of this and back to a separate input and output, I am in a little over my head lol.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Here’s the code for the garage door:

I’m a little confused about what your’re asking. Are you still using this for a garage door opener/controller?. Parameter 3 should not be changed for any type of normal on/off/relay operation. It depends upon how you set up jumper 5 on the circuit board.

Even if you left the jumper connected when you joined the device to ST, my DTH should still set the relay to 25ms. Make sure to tap on the Configure tile after you edit the device in the IDE to use my code posted above.

Let me know how that works once you’ve configured everything.


Can you explain how the momentary is actually triggered?

Is the momentary triggered by SmartThings or is native to mimolite?

I am assuming it is in SmartThings as there are other relays that can be either momentary or not depending on which device type is used.

The scenario is I did not change any jumpers, used factory settings and then your app.

Hi @professordave,

It’s the device the determines momentary or latched via the jumper, but so can ST via parameter 11, so both. Re-reading FortrezZ’s documentation, “The relay activation can be set via a jumper or via Z-Wave for either momentary or latched operation”. My DTH sets parameter 11 to 25ms, so even if the jumper was installed for latched mode, that would make it momentary. Setting parameter to 0 sets it for latched mode now that i re-read that.

Looking back the the OP’s post, perhaps they didn’t tap on the Configure tile after getting everything set up. I’ll edit my reply to reflect more accurate info. Thanks for your reply. It’s been a while since I poked around with these.


Well you did the work! Thanks !

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Hey guys,

So what happened was this morning I was trying out a couple different device handlers I found. Somewhere in the process, the input began controlling the relay. I mean when I would put the magnet to the door sensor the relay would trigger. When I would remove the magnet from the sensor, the relay would trigger again. I was having trouble getting it to switch out of this. Maybe using the term Parameter 3 is where I went wrong.

I am still trying to use the MIMOlite for a garage door controller. I excluded it from my Network and after I got your code, I got it setup as a new device handler. Deleted the old ones and everything seems to be working perfectly. Currently I am just doing this on my table to make sure it works. But I will do the install later today and I am update then.

Quick side note. John where in the code you wrote does it set the momentary relay time. I know default is 500ms but is seems yours latches for a little longer. Just curious as I am completely new to the code thing.


Glad you got it working. Line 231 is where I set the value to 25ms. It should be much faster than the default. Did you tap on the Configure tile? That sets both the power drop notification value and relay duration.

I did click the Configure tile. However the code I have only goes to line 207 in my Device Handler.

Am I missing something lol?

Wait it is line 204 In the Device Handler page I believe.

zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 11, configurationValue: [25], size: 1).format(),

Is that it?

Sounds like you’re not using my most current version of the DTH.

You should have 234 lines of code. That is the right parameter, but we’re referencing different versions.

I copied the code from the link you shared earlier.

I started at Metadata and copied all the way to the bottom line with the “}”

If you didn’t copy the lines for the comments and change log section above Metadata, then that would explain the difference.

Since you’ve tapped on Configure, it should have updated the device for 25ms, and it should be fast. You can make sure no errors happen by watching Live Logging for the device, and when you tap on Configure you should just see the event “Configuring…”.

For a fully configurable mimolite handler via smartthings app (no code change)
Use the handler @

Can someone tell me if this device handler can let garage door act like a switch (open or close), but still use the momentary function? In other words, I want to be able to “close” the garage and let the handler figure out if it’s open, to activate the relay and if it’s closed do nothing. Then I can add “close” switch to my routine and know that the garage door will be closed regardless of current state.