Wired Alarm System Question

This may be a terribly naive but worth asking. My home is wired with a Napco Alarm system. My house is now setup with Smartthings door sensors and motion sensors. I do not want to run dual systems, So I had thought if I used a Smarthings Smart outlet and had a plug go from the outlet to a step down transformer to my alarm system zones. Then I would program my Smarthings sensors to turn off the the outlet thereby triggering a break in the zone and the alarm system. It sounded sensible to me, but I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts before I tried it.

This could work, but a better solution is to use MEMOlite. It also has an input, so you could wire it to alarm output and get notification in SmartThings when your alarm is triggered.


Thanks for the reply. I have 2 other questions , if the alarm system has multiple sones, would you need a Mimolite for each zone. I assume that you could splice the wires to go multiple zones. I know the flaw in this is that my alarm panel would not then know what zone on the wired panel was triggered. I suggested my solution because I have the Smarthing Outlet thatI don’t use, wouldn’t I also be able to get notifications from that if i had the outlet turn off when the system is set and tripped?