Is their a reason to upgrade from v2 to v3 hub?

Is their a reason to upgrade from v2 to v3 hub?
Or isn’t it worth it?
What is the reason for releasing v3?

usually manufacturers release a new version to add a feature or reduce cost.

I’d put the V3 in the reduce cost category. Yes they added WiFi connectivity, but almost every other spec was reduced or made cheaper by miniaturization. Considering there is still no migration utility (meaning you have to start over), and V.2 is still very much supported, unless you have a reason to go to a v3 hub. Don’t


Ok, thanks

Does the same apply from the v1 hub to the v3? Not all of my devices are visible between the classic and STSC apps (specifically my TV’s) without switching to a different location within the app. That is due to v1 support not being there?

Also, i have a couple of custom DH’s i had to find when i build my garage door switch and as well as a few multiple switch units. Is there a good way to copy those between the hubs, or is it a matter of knowing which custom DH to reapply once i set up?

Currently i am remodeling the house and have moved a bunch of stuff and am adding a bunch of Leviton switches so i thought now would be a good time to upgrade my hub since i had the old one??

I’d replace a v.1 purely on the fact it’s firmware is not updated anymore. You wont see a security patch if they find some weird security bug.

I thought it was strange when they released V3, it is basically a downgrade.
Meanwhile they are promising more things will run locally, 'won’t we eventually need more processing power and memory for that?

I’m sticking to V2 until things becoming more clear.

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