Hub v3 - what is up?

Ok, I used to pay attention to this all the time, but I haven’t looked at the forums in months.

What is new about this v3 hub?
I just upgrade to V2 hub after waiting almost 2 years for no migration tool. Does v3 migrate all of your devices or do you have to repair everything again?

What benefits does the v3 hub have? Is it worth it?

There are just too many topics, I can’t seem to keep up w/ the new sensors and or hubs? Anyone give me a quick summary? @JDRoberts maybe??

Not worth it for 99.99% of users. The v3 (aka 2018) hub has half of the CPU and Memory of the V2 hub, no battery backup, and 1 less USB port.

If you’re in the 0.01% that really wants your hub to be WiFi connected to your home, you’re in luck. It also will have improved ZigBee security at some point in the future. Oh, and it costs less.

Both the v2 and v3 hub have features that have yet to be enabled, in the form of USB ports and Bluetooth.

There is no migration tool still. And probably never will be.

Save your money and the headache. Your v2 hub is fine. You’re not missing out on anything truly significant, unless you really want one less Cat5 cable in your house.

Heck, v1 hub users really aren’t missing out on too much either, at this point… :wink:


“It’s Rose” did an excellent review of V2 versus V3 on YouTube in August. I really like her work, because clearly she actually buys and uses the devices she reviews, she’s not just working off the spec sheets. And she asks the questions that most people would want answered.

She says she’s not on these forums because she doesn’t have time (although I suspect she does research here occasionally as she reports information that I believe was only reported here), but in any case if you want to ask her questions you need to do it through her YouTube channel. Here is the review:

(I’m not crazy about the cleavage shots, but I’d guess that’s done to attract viewers. The technical content of her reviews is generally very good.)


@ogiewon Thanks that was very helpful. I used to read through this stuff all the time, but ST has been so stagnate in the last 2 years it just isn’t worth it anymore.

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Z-Wave is improved with the v3 hub. It appears that Network Wide Iclusion (NWI) is suppoprted now. When I moved to the v3 hub, was able to pair every single device, including Z-Wave locks in place. Didn’t have to move the hub, nor bring the devices to the hub. I own a 3 story duplex with a detached garage. I simply re-connected devices in a ring, moving outward from the hub. No issues with reconnecting any of my 360+ devices.

Certainly not a reason alone to upgrade, but certainly a consideration, especially if you’ve been experiencing any Z-Wave performance issues.

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Currently upgrading my V2 to a new V3 I received. Not a smooth transition so far between the two hubs, two apps, and connecting to Alexa

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