Is the smartthings app required to connect my Galaxy J7 phone to a car's bluetooth and android auto?

I have little to no space on my galaxy j7 perx, and have done everything I can to make it so I have more space. I keep being told by my phone to delete this app. However, I connect my phone to my mother’s car’s bluetooth and other bluetooth devices (i.e. speakers, headphones…). I just want to know if smartthings is required to connect to these devices and if it’s safe to delete it without causing a glitch in my phone.

To connect with Android Auto, you have to be plugged in. You can’t connect to Android Auto over bluetooth.

You do not need to have the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app for the bluetooth connections to work. STSC will just manage them if it is installed. That said, it shouldn’t be THAT big where it would make a difference.

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