SmartThings & Android Auto

Curious where this will go…


Ok I’ve been wanting to see this… Very Cool.

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I’ve been noticing for a few months now my app pushes a notification to my phone every time my truck starts indicating that it’s connected. I thought this was weird and had not noticed any functionality. This must be what it’s for.

Today, I can run an Alexa routine to lock my truck automatically every night when my goodnight routine runs. I’d love to be able to do this with WebCore, instead.

Any ideas when this feature will be available? I’ve just seen an announcement, but haven’t seen any indication of availability.

Someone reported on another thread that they received an update to the next version of the Android app and the feature showed up.

I dont have that update available to me yet so I can’t verify. It apparently allows you to choose up to six actions that will be available in the Android Auto UI.

Got the app update this morning, will report back later once I have used it in the car!

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Anyone try to pin a scene to the Android Auto screen?

Or more specifically whats wrong with this picture?

I took the first picture WITH the same phone running the SmartThings instance configured using the screen shot WHILE it was connected to the car… (its the same device)

Somethings missing.