Extremely slow IDE


(Andreas Åkre Solberg) #1


graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com has gotten so slow, that it times out and does not show me content.

I understand it is related to github integrations, but my problem is that I cannot disable the github entries because I cannot reach the page at all.

(Joel W) #2

I have an open case with support. In my case the IDE is so slow it logs me out when working in iDE and getting into IDE can take a number of tries. I usually get a script screen that only the ST staff should see then I get a screen to login then it goes to a blank screen and I refresh to the logon again. It is a pain.

Please repot this to Support@ smartthings.com and provide your browser type etc.

(Michael Hess) #3

Mine has been timing out a bunch lately as well. Always been slow as hell though. US server.

(Joel W) #4

I was told by support it is slow because I use GitHub integration.

(Michael Hess) #5

Well that’s unfortunate. Not gonna give that up, I can be patient!