Matter compatible Echo Hub now available

Looks really cool.

Interesting. Pretty small: 8” x 5”.

Looks like you get the best features if you are already paying for one of the ring premium subscription plans:

The camera snapshot function currently works only with Ring cameras covered by a Ring subscription. You can still view live feeds from compatible cameras by tapping the device tile or by asking Alexa.
Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for in-app features and digital notifications, including digital arming / disarming and integration with other Ring, Echo, Alexa, and third party products. Subscription sold separately.

Or if you use Amazon music a lot. :notes:

It appears to be both a Matter Controller and a Thread Border router.

Note that Amazon recently added support for matter bridges to its echo devices which are matter controllers, so that’s helpful.

Your smartthings-connected devices will have only the functionality that you currently get in the Alexa app.

I think this will be good for a number of people, but you will get more functionality, particularly for other camera brands and some smartthings features, from Sharptools on a tablet.


I was thinking about buying one of these to replace one of the multi-gang switches that I have and installing smart bulbs, making the display default to on and off for the switches I will be removing. Trade in an old Echo Dot and get 20% off! Plus, get a $5.00 gift card, bringing the price down to $139.00. New Toy :smiley:


Looks interesting, if somewhat limited. Interface looks nice.

Might wait and see if there are any Prime Day deals on it


I’m hoping on Prime Day that it is half price and then 25% off with trade-in. That’s how I got the Echo Show 15 for $99.00.


So, I picked up an Echo Hub, and I have to say, it’s very good for what I need. I’ve been looking for a dashboard that can be used by the whole family and this hits the spot.

I have ~150 devices, mainly Zigbee, with most connected directly to Smartthings across 2 hubs. ST is used for my main automation control. I have ST connected to Alexa, and most of my Smartthings devices show up there. To date, Alexa has mainly used for voice control of Smartthings devices.

I have a few devices that integrate better into Alexa, such as some Tuya locks, my heater and air conditioner. I have virtual devices and lots of routines to mimic their status in ST. I standardised on Ring cameras a while back. All of these show up natively in the Echo Hub.

The only device type that I want to control from the Echo Hub (so far) that doesn’t show up from St is my watering system. A quick virtual switch in ST and that’s now there too.

I have looked at SharpTools and ActionTiles in the past to try and create a family dashboard, but they always end up looking blocky and clunky. Perhaps my design skills aren’t up to scratch.

The interface on the Echo hub is clean, simple, and pleasing to look at. It has a MUCH better interface than the Alexa phone app or the smarthome features of an Echo Hub. I do wish it was a 10" screen rather than 8".

Pricewise, you are paying for a full hub with Zigbee, Thread, Matter etc integration, which I dont need. I really hope Amazon brings this interface to the smarthome control panels of other Echo Show devices. This would be fantastic on an Echo Show 15.

Overall, if you use Alexa as voice control to your Smartthings devices, the Echo Hub could be a great dashboard solution for you. I’m really impressed.


I was debating purchasing this but just don’t think I’d use it. I barely use the Echo Show 15. Almost everything is automated, so we don’t really use controls.

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@AutomateYourLife has a 25 minute video up which goes into great detail on the features of the new device and how it is different from the echo show.


Yeah, I’m sorta in the same camp. Everything I have is either automated or manageable via voice control. It’s the same reason I have a hard time finding a use for buttons, scene controllers, etc. I have defined scenes and when I want to change to one, I simply say “Alexa, turn on xxxxxx”. Also, Location mode changes and STHM are all based on presence and geo-tracking. And with 3 different Echo devices in the house, there is always one within speaking distance (and I don’t even have Alexa enabled on my Samsung fridge or Ecobee thermostat).

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3? I have 11. Echos in the bathrooms are game changers! lol


My house is only 1088 sq ft :slight_smile:

Thanks JD!

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I have 10 of them throughout the house, mainly because I want to hear voice announcements wherever I am. I also use them for multi-room music. It’s very handy to tell Alexa to lock and unlock the doors when my hands are full of groceries. Additionally, I have an Echo input in my car, allowing me to open and close the garage door with voice commands. Alexa notifies me about everything regarding my Ring alarm, such as when a window or door opens, or if there’s motion outside my house. Living on a mountain, I can’t see my neighbors’ houses. Constantly traveling for work, having Alexa at home makes my wife feel a whole lot better when I’m gone. Whenever a new version comes out, I wait for a sale and then replace them all with the latest models. Currently, I have a mix of Echo 4’s and Echo 5’s. I save the old ones to take advantage of the 25% trade-in discount on more expensive models like the Echo Show 15.


We use the Echo Show 15 a lot. I purchased earth magnets with screws and mounted it to my refrigerator. It looks really cool, like it came with the fridge. I’ve set up all kinds of shortcuts for my wife’s most-used SmartThings devices. Additionally, I side-loaded my TV app so she can watch TV while she’s cooking. It also keeps track of all the groceries we need with AnyList integration.


I think it’s just because I don’t have a great place to place it. Right now it’s on the side of the fridge and is used when you need to glance at something when walking by. I use it more to glance at than anything. The rest of them get used a lot.

I only upgrade when needed. I’m still running the OG 1st gen Echo, first-gen Echo Show, first-gen Dot, first-gen Echo Show 5s, and Echo Spot. I prefer the looks of the older small Dots and early non-globe Echos. They all work just fine.