Feb. 5, 2019: Echo Devices on Sale including 2nd gen Show with smart bulb for $179.99

Finally! I’ve been holding onto my Amazon gift card since the holidays waiting for the second generation show to go on sale. :sunglasses:

Looks like most of the echo devices except the Dot are on sale right now, I don’t know for how long.

You can get the second generation show with a free Phillips hue smart bulbs for $179.99

If you want to trade in a first generation show at the same time, you can get a $30 gift card plus another 25% off of the replacement that you buy. If you’re buying a second generation echo show, that’s another $45 off. :tada:

Look for the “ upgrade and save with trade-in” button above the “buy” button for the details on the trade-in deal.


I think that’s how much I paid over Black Friday. I was really skeptical if I would find any use for an Echo device with a screen, but its come to be one of my favorite smart home devices.


Yeah, I couldn’t afford it for myself, so I didn’t buy it at Black Friday, but I did get some Amazon gift cards at Christmas, so I’ve been waiting for a sale since then. :sunglasses:


@Automated_House , I’m still on the fence about the show…can you share a little about why it’s your favorite?

Interactions just seem a bit more “rich” with a screen. You can see the weather forecast, event on the calendar, news pictures etc. we have itni. Our kitchen, so it’s also useful for recipes. And the photo slide show is nice.

I don’t have a Show but I have two Dots. Nice UI display shown when you give a command to control a home device.

Pretty cool if you have Nest cams too.

Wyze cams also work with it.

I want one to show the cameras on request. :sunglasses:


I use the Show to answer the Ring Doorbell with 2-Way comms.

I use the Show to display recipes and lyrics to songs playing on music groups.

I use the Show to video chat with my family members.

I use the Show to display useful information when asking Alexa a question on any of the Echo devices.

I use the Show to trigger SmartThings devices when using voice is not feasible.

I use the Show to watch trailers and YouTube videos.

I use the Show to play music when big sound is not needed.

I use the Show to display my Blink cameras.

I use the Show to visually “Drop-in” on the house.

I use the Show to view my calendar and see upcoming events.

I use the Show as a picture display with rotating images.

I use the Show to see what’s on the shopping list.

I use the Show to “Show” how cool technology is!

I’m sure there’s more but these features are used all the time in my house and at me and my wife’s work places.