Is SmartThings Station Ever Being Updated?

Hi all, thinking it might be time for me to pick up a newer version of SmartThings hub to replace my current v2 hub since I’m moving.

I’m torn between SmartThings hub and SmartThings hub v3 (Aeotec), but I couldn’t find any announcements of firmware updates on SmartThings station, it’s been launched for about a year now.

Is it ever being updated? If the support is scarce compared to hub v3 then might as well get the Aeotec v3. Or even stick with v2 for even longer? I don’t know if they’ll ditch support for v2 in the near future though.

Yes… the Station is receiving firmware updates. They are not announced as far as I have seen. They generally come out soon (couple of months??) after the v2/v3/ aeotec hubs… no exact timeline though. I say stick with the v2 - though it does not have a thread radio if that is something you want. I doubt they will ditch the v2 for awhile but who knows! :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Just remember… the Station does not support z-wave. If you use or intend to use z-wave… you would need to go the route with the purchase of an aeotec hub.


There are announcements, but for some reason not usually in this forum. I believe the most recent was in October 2023, to 50.00010. There was a previous update in August. So at least two in the last year, although there may be more.

Some features, like hub replace, were introduced first on the station, for what that’s worth.

As @jkp mentioned, If you have Z wave devices, you can’t use the station: it doesn’t have a Z wave radio at all. If you only have Zigbee and matter devices, it’s an option.

Did we ever establish, assuming you don’t use zwave, if the station has more or less memory and more or less cpu. Simply put, ignoring zwave, is the station or aeotec hub “better”?

We’ve never definitively confirmed that the Station has more memory and better CPU, but there have been scattered reports (including Alejandro I think) that the Station does have better specs that a v3/Aeotec hub.


Thank you all for the reply, I do have 1 z-wave switch but I’m not bringing that to the new place, and nor would I be purchasing any z-wave devices in the foreseeable future.

I guess for now I’m just going to keep using my v2 for now, when it comes to deprecating v2 I can at least use the hub migration feature.

And given the current state of matter, it doesn’t look like it would matter any time soon, station does look less interesting than Aeotec/v3 other than the potential better specs