Brace yourselves: SmartThings Hub Update (May 9)

So it looks like its time for some zwave firmware updates. Wishing all of you the best! I am sure @slagle or @jody.albritton are working hard on writing up the details…


On Monday May 9th, between 11:00 am EDT and 2:00 pm EDT, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware. The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your SmartThings Hub will temporarily go offline.

The firmware update includes improvements to connectivity with Z-Wave devices and handling of LAN data. The update also improves local video processing capabilities and clip recording through Smart Home Monitor.

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you have faster email than me. just got the notification

Hopefully this will bring Lux conditional to Smart Lighting!

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Argh… looks like i’ll have to re-add everything to my system and redo it for everything to work… :frowning:

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How many GE Links do we need to sacrifice to keep from things going completely wrong?

Sounds like we’ll be playing Russian Roulette with a double barrel shotgun.

Seriously though every update recently has worked well once the patches were patched.

Will this update the V2 hub only? I’m still on the V1 hub. I’ve got at V2 hub & 7 other unboxed devices sitting on a shelf.

Should this be my motivation to update my old V1 hub?

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V1 firmware upgrades are scheduled after the migration utility release.:wink:


Like Sheldon Cooper, I’m sarcasm & irony impaired. (Must be because of our similar IQ’s :laughing:)

So if I read your comment right you’re saying I should make the big hub switch now.

I only have about 30 current devices currently hooked up. Gonna figure about 1 beer per device. So I’ll make sure I have a cold 30 pack of Busch Light in my fridge ready to go when I do the change over!:grin:

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Strictly Sarcasm with no more knowledge than any other user.

I too have V2 hub sitting in a box. I’m glad to see SmartThings make progress but I think they have a ways to go before I am willing to invest the time to unbox it.


Don’t hurry. I finally moved to v2 a couple weeks ago. Lights trigger on slower with v2 than v1. Many of my locally running Smart Lighting apps on v2 had to be uninstalled and replaced with lighting director. Still having some that don’t pick up mode change from Night to Home, or Away to Home. So for example Power Allowance light off commands setup for away mode only tend to fire when in Home mode etc. Z-wave devices have had some issues. 3 or 4 had to be excluded and re-added in the first 10 days.

Overall, light on with motion was faster, almost instant on with v1 hub. By comparison v2 hub add 2 to 3 seconds of trigger delay whether it be locally running apps or cloud. I thought v2 might bring some benefit in one way or another… Nope, it’s actually a step down.

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My version 2 is instant for lights with local drivers
Are sure your devices are local. I open the slider and get a few inches before the lights come on…

Yeah, I see them all on I’ve had a ticket open with support since shortly after the migration but nothing solved yet. At times I’ve also had to execute routines multiple times to get them to complete and other similar glitches I never had on hub v1. Of course some of that is probably related to platform and not the hub… there is no way to know.

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Routine are not local. Devices and some smart apps are but not routines.

I have the same experience as @Lgkahn.

My turn on lights from motion or open doors is instant.

I had the V1 hub and an early adopter of V2 and V2 is better than the V1 hub.

The V2 has a better antennae then the V1 hub.

Delay can also be caused if there are signal problems in your network.

I placed my hub in a central location of my house on the ceiling.

This helps the signal.

Also, some scenarios will work better than others.

Basically for controlling lights in a garage I had to replace a solution that involved a minimote with an older generation wired zwave light switch. I say older generation light switch, to emphasize that I did not need the zwave radio of the current generation of ge light switches or zwave plus, just something a little better than the minimote to have a reliable signal.

For, example, initially I had a minimote attached to the wall in the garage to turn on garage lights.

For whatever reason, the minimote in that location has poor signal and created delays in turning lights on and off.

Even worse, it seems that when the minimote has poor signal it might send the off or on signal multiple times. So not only delay, but sometimes I would click on the button, and after a delay, the lights might toggle on and off for a while.

The minimote solution was a lazy solution instead of placing a wired switch in place of the original dumb switch.

I replaced the minimote with an older generation ge zwave wired light switch that I purchased on sale for $10 at lowes and now everything is instant in the garage.

I was able to repurpose the minimote and place it on the wall in the office which is really close to the hub and get fairly reliable actions.

@slagle what hub version number should we expect to know the update was successful? Can we expect another detailed post like you did last time?

Yeah, the miracle didn’t last long. Details for 14.38 were published a few days before Apr 21…We’ve got silence this time around…:frowning:


And there it is, looks like a small. Announcement came at the same time with the actual push to my hub :slight_smile:

Got mine. Is anybody’s video live streaming still working? Mine is broken now, but it’s been a couple days since I’ve used it, so not sure if its just a coincidence or what.

Yes, my video is working fine. I only have one camera, but just checked it. Hope you get it fixed soon!