Is SmartThings Hub can send pings?

Hi Guys, I’m new with SmartThings, still learnings its capabilities.
sometimes I have an issue with router that need to be rebooted once in a while in order to bring back the internet connection.
I want to automate it, I was thinking on zwave wall plug that get command to turn off and on when the SmartThings Hub can’t send pings to the internet (to google site for example)

is there a way to do it with smart thing? to make a virtual switch that reflects the pings status?

thanks guys

I don’t know exactly how to do what you’re asking but . .

Will a nightly reboot keep the router from going into the state that it needs to be rebooted? If so, plug the router into a timer and set it for an off/on in the middle of the night. Use a digital timer so that you can set a very brief off period.

Since SmartThings is primarily a cloud-based home automation platform, there would not be any easy way for the ‘hub’ to know the router is down, as the custom code you’d need to run for this would have to run in the ST cloud…but the router is down, so no way for the ST cloud to command the hub to send a command via Z-Wave or Zigbee to a smart outlet… Catch-22, eh?

The only SmartApp that can run locally on the ST Hub is the Smart Lighting SmartApp. And for it to run locally, all of the devices involved in the automation must run locally as well. Search the forum and you’ll find lots of threads describing ‘local processing’ that will explain this in more detail.

My advice, get a better router that does not need to be rebooted. :wink: Always best to solve the root cause versus adding a workaround.


About a month ago, I added a 48 dollar Archer A7 in AP mode to other end of the house from my main router and I must say it has worked great. Not much more expensive than going the smart outlet route and should solve your problems.

There is no way to do it with SmartThings itself, but there are devices made for exactly this purpose. There are several discussion threads in the forum about them. See:

In particular, 3GStore, EZOutlet, and ResetPlug all make devices for this purpose, with different features.

Ankuoo also offers a very inexpensive stripped down version for under $20. No notifications, only one outlet, but it does have both pings and a once a day timer option.


What router are you using? Some has undocumented APIs what can be called from a Raspberry Pi.
I used a similar setup with a router a RPi and a python script. The script was pinging and if it hasn’t received an answer after X tries, then it issued a reboot command to the router. (Meanwhile it was testing that the router is alive too.)

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thanks all, I think ill buy one of the devices that was listed above
hopefully that will do

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